onsdag 31 oktober 2012

how i felt yesterday:

chilled out

and cozy

met my lovely friend H that i havnt seen in ages
bought chains
made necklaces (that you will see soon)
sat in cafés for half an eternity
and everything was just very very nice
dinner in the evening with la familia

söndag 28 oktober 2012


this is me!!!

Just learned how to make a gif..
easy, fun and will come in handy some day I hope


now, I really dislike the whole Illuminati-triangle hype
I actually find it quite...
scary with all the ockult illuminati triangles
everybody points high in the air in clubs
but this music video by Vitalic..
Too good song,
too good video
not to be posted. listen and get ...

Today is one of those dino-days

T-REX: "One of the greatest carnivores - though not the largest - ever to have walked the Earth," BBC Nature

Wad Magazine: Cover of issue#53

"Allosaurus were big, mean killing machines that reigned supreme during the late Jurassic period." BBC Nature

Some species took their protection to extremes and even had armoured eyelids."
BBC Nature

Triceratops and thunderstorms

Human flea, Coloured SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph)

Human egg with corona radiata cell,
Coloured SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph)

Butterfly wing,  Coloured SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph)

Cancer cells,
Coloured SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph)

Cat tongue,
Coloured SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph)

My beautiful souvenir from India, Giardia, an intestinal parasite.

Butterfly wing 
Coloured SEM (Scanning Electron Micrograph)

Tardigrades, aka waterbears
"Non arrivano a 2 millimetri di lunghezza, eppure i tardigradi (Tardigrada) - finiti sotto la lente del microscopio elettronico - sono resistentissimi e appartengono alla categoria degli organismi estremofili. Nessuna condizione ambientale, infatti, neanche la più estrema, li scalfisce. Sono capaci di sopravvivere senz'acqua per quasi dieci anni e si sentono a proprio agio a meno 200° C di temperatura così come nell'acqua bollente." Focus.it

Paris is just so... Paris.

As fast as the bus entered the city my whole being was filled with the vibrant feeling best described as: Paris.
Filled with nice small shops and warm bistrots, neighbouring ancient cream white symmetrical historical buildings, Paris is a distorted dreamlike city.
For behind it's exquisite fashion houses and ancient palaces, hidden by the neon-blinking glittering souvenir shops bombarding the streets, lies the slums of the thousands illegal immigrants that are attracted by this economical megalopolis.

During the trip, one of the most amazing things we did
was to visit Musée d'Orsay.
It was my first time in that magnificent museum.
(and absolutely not the last one)
Ran around with that uplifting fluttering butterflyish feeling of amazement.
Imagine; I finally saw Monet, Manet, Delacroix, Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, Gauguin, Degas
and so many other amazing artists
It was like walking around in a dream.
All those works I've seen on photo, and then to see them
you almost had to blink twice to understand that what you saw was real.

Bal du moulin de la galette-Renoir
La balancoire-Renoir
La classe de danse_Degas

La chute d'eau_Blauensteiner

Le Sahara_Guillaumet
Le pont d'Argenteuil_Monet
Les Oréades_Bouguereau

Les Baigneuses_Renoir

La Rousse_Toulouse-Lautrec
Les Glacons_Monet

onsdag 24 oktober 2012



For more than a month, I've almost never worn a bra
They're so uncomfortable... Touturous boobcrushing creations.

But then I realised all my bras were too small.
(probably the main reason for them being so uncomfortable)
...Lingerie shopping spree!

I havn't bought clothes for so long now..
am trying to be good to nature and to my wallet.
when you don't have a single comfortable bra: it's time to get one.
So I got three.
Today's potpourri:

Carine Gilson

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier
Scarlett Diamond

Scarlett Diamond
Scarlett Diamond

Scarlett Diamond

oh, how I wish I was this seductive
the queen of love
the queen of lust
And I'm just a clumsy tall teenage girl
with spots and torn hair